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The Apologetics of Jesus by Norm Geisler, Pat Zukeran

The Apologetics of Jesus by Probe's Dr. Pat Zukeran and
Dr. Norman Geisler.

Apologetics books abound, but how did Jesus defend the faith? The Apologetics of Jesus presents the Savior at his convincing best.

"Those who oppose apologetics in favor of a leap of faith will be disappointed in Jesus."

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Happy New Year from all of us at Probe!

January 19, 2009

Personhood and Origins mannequin heads for Probe's Personhood article

"Personhood" is not the topic of everyday conversation among ordinary folks. And unless we're ethicists or philosophy students, we likely don't go around asking, "What is a person and how should they be valued?"

Yet this issue sets us up personally and societally for critical decision-making on everything from who gets medical treatment (or even is allowed to die) to the possibility of choosing our own offspring's medical future. The worldviews of naturalism and Christian theism respond to this question very differently, with marked differences in outcomes for all. We need to pay attention.

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American Bank Bailout [Kerby Anderson]
Nationally known commentator Kerby Anderson in a series on the size, complexity, causes and implications of the $700 billion American bailout of banks and financial institutions.


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Hawaii Apologetics Conference featuring
Dr. Norm Geisler, Dr. Ron Rhodes and Probe's own Pat Zukeran

Hear relevant apologetics teaching:
Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam, Eastern Religions, and more
In a tropical paradise:
Just outside Honolulu in historic Pearl Harbor (one more reason to fly out?)
From some of the world's best teachers:
  • Dr. Norman Geisler, legendary professor, speaker and author / coauthor of 74 books
  • Dr. Ron Rhodes, founder and president, Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries, author of 35 books
  • Dr. Pat Zukeran, who earned his doctorate under Geisler, co-authored The Apologetics of Jesus with him, writes and speaks nationally, globally for Probe Ministries.

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