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"President Kennedy's Speeches" with
Kerby Anderson

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Saturday, February 7th, 2009, Youth Transition Network will broadcast “LiveAbove” live over the Internet. Probe's Dr. Ray Bohlin will briefly challenge students on the need for biblical worldview thinking as they prepare for college, military or the work world.

The Apologetics of Jesus by Norm Geisler, Pat Zukeran

The Apologetics of Jesus by Probe's Dr. Pat Zukeran and
Dr. Norman Geisler.

Apologetics books abound, but how did Jesus defend the faith? The Apologetics of Jesus presents the Savior at his convincing best.

"Those who oppose apologetics in favor of a leap of faith will be disappointed in Jesus."

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Read interview with co-author Pat Zukeran


February 3, 2009

On Engaging Culture Culture Making by Andy Crouch

Much has been made of the research by Barna and others showing how radically enculturated are Americans who claim Christianity as their faith. Mere decades before, Christians were still ensconced in sanctified strongholds, unengaged in culture. So, what does balanced, biblical cultural engagement look like?

Andy Crouch's Culture Making explains five strategies for interacting with culture and two ways of employing them. After the sometimes necessary condemning, critiquing, copying and consuming of culture, a pro-active strategy of cultivating culture ought to emerge—thus the title.

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Apologetics of Jesus: Interview with Author Patrick Zukeran [Probe Ministries Administrator]
Interview with Dr. Pat Zukeran, co-author of The Apologetics of Jesus, who teamed with Dr. Norm Geisler to write the book no one's written but should have: how Jesus used reasoning and evidences to reveal Himself and His Kingdom. We can take our cues from the Master Apologist.


The Texas State Board of Education and Public School Content [Heather Zeiger]
Heather and David Zeiger, a former Probe intern, analyze their experience testifying before the January 2009 Texas SBOE hearings concerning statewide guidelines for science education. Their written testimonies are included.


Human Embryonic Stem Cells Go to Human Trials [Heather Zeiger]
Heather Zeiger responds to news that Geron Inc. will use human embryonic stem cells on humans. This announcement has serious ethical and emotional repercussions.

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Hawaii Apologetics Conference featuring
Dr. Norm Geisler, Dr. Ron Rhodes and Probe's own Pat Zukeran

  Hear relevant apologetics teaching:
Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam, Eastern Religions, and more
  In a tropical paradise:
Just outside Honolulu in historic Pearl Harbor (one more reason to fly out?)
  From some of the world's best teachers:

  • Dr. Norman Geisler, legendary professor, speaker and author / coauthor of 74 books
  • Dr. Ron Rhodes, founder and president, Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries, author of 35 books
  • Dr. Pat Zukeran, who earned his doctorate under Geisler, co-authored The Apologetics of Jesus with him, writes and speaks nationally, globally for Probe Ministries.

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