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February 11, 2009

Darwin Day

The latest edition of National Geographic magazine claims that Charles Darwin's work "liberat[ed] scientists to explore the glorious complexity of life, rather than merely accept it as an impenetrable mystery." Nevermind that the Christian faith spawned leaps of advancement in science before and after. Seizing on a famous quote crediting Darwinian evolution's "light" as the sole explanation for biology, the article swoons, "That light...casts a beam so bright we can read the very text of life by it." (Smacks curiously of the Psalmist worshiping in Psalm 119:105).

Such is the veneration of the faithful within the Church of Darwin, as critic Philip Johnson calls it. Tomorrow, Darwin Day celebrates the birth of high priest Charles Darwin in a year marking the 150th anniversary of his seminal Origin of the Species. Probe's Dr. Ray Bohlin calls for balance amidst the flood of praise.

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Divine Fingerprints: New Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God [Dr. Ray Bohlin] (PowerPoint slideshow presentation)
“The most reasonable explanation for these various contrarian results is that the pattern of evolution is not as linear and treelike as Darwin imagined it."

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Darwinism forms the basis of the way many people think and act. ...What Darwin proposed in 1859 was simply that all organisms are related by common descent....

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Darwinism functions as a scientific support for a naturalistic worldview. What are the philosophical foundations of evolutionary theory? Are these icons of evolution really true?


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