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"Seeing Through News Media Bias:
Exposing Deception and Proclaiming Truth in an Age of Misinformation

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March 30 , 2009

The Apologetics of Jesus Apologetics of Jesus--new cover

"Those who oppose apologetics in favor of a leap of faith without evidence will be disappointed in Jesus. Nowhere does He call on anyone to make an unthoughtful and unreasoned decision about his or her eternal destiny."

Thus begins the book that many wonder why only now exists, The Apologetics of Jesus, by legendary apologetics author and professor Dr. Norman Geisler and Probe's own Dr. Pat Zukeran, who studied under Geisler. The greatest apologist of all time didn't just use logical syllogisms—although He did do that—but also used testimony, prophecy and parables, among other methods.

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Dr. Ray Bohlin Engages in Embryonic Stem Cell Debate [Ray Bohlin, Ph.D.]
Listen to Dr. Bohlin explain his viewpoint in the sometimes hostile environment of a "progressive" radio station on the other side of the table from Dr. P.Z. Myers, a self-described "godless liberal" biologist.


Seeing Through News Media Bias: Exposing Deception and Proclaiming Truth in an Age of Misinformation [Steve Cable]
Steve Cable examines the need to discern misleading, biased and deceptive messages in today's news media, which is increasingly unaware of or often hostile to a biblical worldview.



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