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Student Mind Games

This year at Sacandaga Bible Conference Center in eastern New York

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April 17, 2009
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Tough Economic Times

This week, tens of thousands of Americans rallied for Tax-Day Tea Parties. But it was evident that particpants were not confining their opposition to tax issues alone. The omnibus spending bill and President Obama's budget, along with federal bailouts and overall policy initiatives were fair game among numerous home-made placards. (To many, it was a referendum on Mr. Obama and his new Presidential agenda.)

Whatever the causes of and remedies for it, this arguably grassroots movement is doubtless a result of the economic pinch felt by almost everyone. Judging from slogans, fear of future indebtedness due to sweeping economic policy shifts with broad social ramifications played an essential role, too.

How does one grasp the enormity of the situation? How did we get to this point? What will result? Kerby Anderson provides perspective, presents evidence for a permanent economic downturn and explains by analogy why this seems unavoidable. Wise words for tough reality.

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Christ and the Human Condition [Michael Gleghorn]
This article looks at how God has acted in Christ to address those things which ail us most: sin, suffering, death, and our broken relationship with God.

Probe Testifies, New Standards for Texas Schools Adopted [Heather Zeiger on Probe-Facebook]
Probe's own Heather Zeiger and Dr. Ray Bohlin testified as scientists and residents before a Texas State Board of Education hearing on the standards used to measure science curriculum. Far-reaching implications: sets science standards for public, private and home-schooling for years to come. Also sets the stage for textbook standards. Texas and California greatly determine textbook content given their vast populations. An informed biblical worldview can make a tangible difference--read how.

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