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October 31, 2008

Probe's Responses to The Shack

New York Times bestselling novel The Shack has prompted opposing reactions among Christians and on the Probe staff as well. On disputable matters, this is a good thing: thoughtful, respectful debate.

You decide between: Sue Bohlin's view of a good book with problems but high redeeming value and Pat Zukeran's take of a decent novel with theological issues serious enough to not endorse. Suggestion: read both viewpoints.

Access both reviews at Probe.org here...

Let us know your opinions or questions here...

A Probe Mom Looks at Halloween [Sue Bohlin] 
Probe veteran apologist, speaker, writer and mother Sue Bohlin examines Halloween from a Christian worldview. Practical Do's and Don'ts help parents and others deal with the controversial celebration. (It may not be too late for tonight!)

Voting and Christian Citizenship [Byron Barlowe] 
Discusses at a worldview level the privleges, roots and practical realities of citizens engaging their primary right in the American democratic republic: voting. Not about individual candidates, this article is particularly useful for those deciding how to vote, even whether to vote on Election Day. Print out or forward the link before Nov. 4!

Candidates and Character [Kerby Anderson] 
Trusted radio host and cultural commentator Kerby Anderson discusses what ought to be every voter's main concern for those whom they choose to govern: character. Another good resource to print or forward as a link before Nov. 4!

2008 Voting and Election Resources [Probe Writers/Speakers] 
Useful information on everything from superdelegates to the electoral college and the controversial voter ID issue. (Contains the above articles.)

Challenges to Religious Liberty [Kerby Anderson] 
Christians face challenges to their religious liberty. There should be a place for Christian values, but we live in a society that often challenges these values and attempts to exclude Christianity from the public arena.


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