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November 26, 2008

Darwin's tree of common descent (by his own hand)

Darwinists' Anti-Intelligent Design Arguments Are Illogical, Misleading

Darwin theorized common descent of all species via a single "tree" of macro-evolutionary progress (his notes, right). Yet, the reality isn't as simple as it was once supposed. The fossil record's dearth of evidence for leaps to new species, a prominent feature of the theory, is becoming well-known. But Neo-Darwinian apologists usually won't offer that kind of information.

Often what they will offer is a list of tired, discredited, illogical talking points to both defend their increasingly embattled theory and to eviscerate its main competitor, Intelligent Design Theory. That was again the case in a recent debate, which Probe writer and speaker Steve Cable analyzes.

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Challenges to Religious Liberty [Kerby Anderson]
Christians face challenges to their religious liberty. There should be a place for Christian values, but we live in a society that often challenges these values and attempts to exclude Christianity from the public arena.


Turning Thanksgiving Inside Out [Sue Bohlin]
Sue Bohlin blogs for Bible.org's women's section. This timely piece especially challenges busy women to think differently about a hectic holiday.


The Complex Realities Behind Global Warming [Dr. Ray Bohlin]
Global warming is over-hyped and not the danger that environmental alarmists would have us believe. We need to look carefully at what's really going on.


Deism and America's Founders [Don Closson]
The views and beliefs of our country's founders were as diverse and complicated as today. This article focuses on the role of deism.


Jesus: The Divine Xerox [Jimmy Williams]
In response to a request for an "oldie but goodie" from someone's college exposure to Probe's earliest days, we unearthed Jimmy Williams' excellent essay about how Jesus is the visible representation of the invisible God. Even with a copyright date of 1973, it is still sterling stuff!

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