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  • Christmas Articles

    Christmas Articles

    A Christmas Quiz [Dale Taliaferro] A quiz concerning the Christmas story from a biblical perspective. 3 Points About Christmas: Evidence for Biblical Truth [Paul Rutherford] Paul Rutherford suggests using three fulfilled biblical prophecies as an apologetic for biblical truth. The Star of Bethlehem [Dr. Ray Bohlin] What was the Star …
  • Lessons From a Hospital Bed

    Lessons From a Hospital Bed

    In the last several months, both of my severely arthritic hips were replaced. In addition to the wonderful blessing that I am out of pain, the surgeries and recoveries were full of lessons pointing me to spiritual truths I am so very thankful for: For a long time, I needed …
  • Pew Research on Religious Beliefs of American Christians

    Pew Research on Religious Beliefs of American Christians

    Looking across the seven-year period from 2007 to 2014, we find that the percentage of Evangelicals holding a biblical worldview is continuing to decline, and the percentage of Mainline and Catholics holding such a worldview is declining at an even faster rate. Overall, 13.3% of Americans between the ages of …
  • “Why Are Children Born Blind?”

    “Why Are Children Born Blind?”

    I have asked the question of why children are born blind. I get no satisfaction from any of any religious explanation. The fact of the matter is that the Almighty can see but these little children cannot. It is cold comfort to hide behind some doctrine when an innocent child …