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  • Measuring Pluralism: A Difficult Task

    Measuring Pluralism: A Difficult Task

    Steve Cable examines the data concerning American Christians’ beliefs about pluralism, the belief that all religions are true and valid ways to know about God, the world, and salvation. We are in the process of examining two related Pew Research surveys taken by about 35,000 people, once in 2007[{1} and …
  • What Do You Regret?

    What Do You Regret?

    Years ago I encountered a word of wisdom: “At the end of our lives, what we will regret is far more about what we didn’t do, than what we did.” And then recently, in a conversation about what “youngers” want to learn from “olders,” a colleague said he wanted to …
  • Religious Affiliation of American Emerging Adults: 1996 to 2014

    Religious Affiliation of American Emerging Adults: 1996 to 2014

    In my past few posts, I have been focusing on data from the monumental surveys taken by Pew Research in 2007{1} and 2014(2}. These surveys of about 35,000 Americans allow us to get more accurate data on American beliefs and drill down with greater confidence into specific subsets of Americans (e.g. emerging adults, Asian-Americans, …
  • Islam and Terrorism

    Islam and Terrorism

    Kerby Anderson provides various perspectives on the link between Islam and terrorism, including how Americans and Christians can think about its encroachment on our culture. Clash of Civilizations In this article we will be looking at Islam and terrorism. Before we look at the rise of Muslim terrorism in our …