First Dallas Series “How Can I Know?”: Links to Apologetics Articles

How Can I Know? First Baptist Dallas Apologetics Series

We are pleased and honored to suggest these articles and answers to email as helpful additions to Dr. Robert Jeffress’ 2012 apologetics series at First Baptist Church Dallas (Texas).
Aug. 26 How Can I Know How To Start Over When I’ve Blown It?
Grappling with Guilt
“Will God Punish Me Forever for My Mistakes?”
“Will Jesus Still Forgive Me?”
The Sinfulness of Humanity
Sept. 2 How Can I Know How To Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt Me?
Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and You
The Keys to Emotional Healing – Part 2
“How Do I Overcome My Hurts and Disappointments From My Church?”
Sept. 9 & 16 How Can I Know There Is a God?
Evidence for God’s Existence
There is a God
Does God Exist?
Answering the New Atheists
No Reason to Fear: Examining the Logic of a Critic
Sept. 23 & 30 How Can I Know The Bible Is True?
Are the Biblical Documents Reliable?
The Historical Reliability of the Gospels
Authority of the Bible
Bart Ehrman’s Complaint
The Christian Canon
Oct. 7 How Can I Know God Is Good With All The Suffering in the World?
The Problem of Evil
“I Doubt the Existence of a Good God Who Allows a Baby to Suffer and Die”
Where Was God on Sept. 11? The Problem of Evil
Hope For a World Gone Bad
The Value of Suffering
Oct. 14 & 21 How Can I Know Christianity Is The Right Religion?
Do All Roads Lead to God? The Christian Attitude Toward Non-Christian Religions
Is Jesus the Only Savior?
Christianity and Religious Pluralism
“How Can I Teach Pluralism Wisely?”
Will Everyone Be Saved? A Look at Universalism
Oct. 28 & Nov. 4 How Can I Know I’m Going To Heaven When I Die?
“How Can I Know I’m Going to Heaven?”
Dealing with Doubt
“Can a Christian Lose His Salvation?”
“Can a True Believer Commit the Unforgiveable Sin?”