The Closing of the American Heart: What’s Really Wrong with America’s Schools

By Ronald A. Nash
Nash goes beyond the discussion begun by Allan Bloom in the best-seller, The Closing of the American Mind, praising Bloom for his insights and yet pointing to the lack of a clear prescription for the future. Being pro-choice in education, Dr. Nash argues, means returning the choices of school, curriculum, and values to parents!

The Natural Limits to Biological Change

Lane P. Lester and Raymond G. Bohlin explore the limits of change possible through Darwinism

In this evaluation of Neo-Darwinism and punctuated equilibrium, the authors argue that there are limits to the extent of possible biological change. They make a compelling case against the theory of common ancestry, and then propose design as a plausible explanation.

Understanding Islam and Terrorism

Kerby Anderson’s book provides you a insightful look at understanding Islam and the terrorism that is sometimes associated with it.