Redeeming Darwin Leader’s Kit

Everything needed to host a 6 week study on a Biblical perspective on the intelligent design controversy and how to use it to share Christ

The Redeeming Darwin study covers this important topic in two DVDs.

DVD #1: Discovering the Designer – explores the scientific and societal aspects of Intelligent Design vs. Evolution issues. It features Kerby Anderson, Dr. Ray Bohlin, Dr. Fazale Rana (Reasons to Believe) and Dr. John Morris (Institute for Creation Research)

DVD #2: Declaring the Designer – equips the viewer to transition from a discussion of intelligent design to an effective presentation of the gospel. It features Larry Moyer and Mark Rae of EvanTell.

In addition to DVDs, the kit includes
Facilitator Guide: provides everything needed for a person with little or no knowledge of intelligent design or evolutionary theory to lead a stimulating study with group discussion.

Viewers Guide with Reference Guide: (6 per kit) summarizes each lesson and provides a handy reference guide explaining the meaning and significance of the key concepts in this controversy

The Natural Limits to Biological Change: Dr. Ray Bohlin’s seminal book on one of the primary issues with Neo-Darwinism.

Creation, Evolution and Modern Science In a clear, straightforward style, Dr. Ray Bohlin and other Probe authors relate Christian faith to the onslaught of our technological society. This book provides direct answers to your questions concerning the creation/evolution debate, intelligent life in the universe, and what is reported in Genesis 1-2. (192 pages)

Redeeming Darwin Self Study Kit

Redeeming Darwin Viewer’s Guide w/ Reference Guide (Pack of 10)

Redeeming Darwin Viewer’s Guide with Reference Guide (Pack of 5)

Redeeming Darwin small group package of 5 Viewer’s Guides which also include a reference guide to key terms in the debate between Darwinists and Intelligent Design proponents.

Signs of Warning, Signs of Hope: Kerby Anderson

Were you born between 1946 and 1964?
If so, chances are excellent that you—like your 76 millions baby boom brothers and sisters—are on a collision course with seven coming crises.
Crisis of Purpose—Physical breakdowns, loss of parents, and the surrender of youthful dreams, signal your appointment with the gut-wrenching question, “Is this all there is?”
Crisis of Disillusionment—Every American generation has retired wealthier than their parents. Yours won’t. Are you ready to cope?
Crisis of Priorities—Beer ads convinced us that “you can have it all,” but now our generation has too many choices and too little time. Which priorities will you choose?
Crisis of Relationships—We are in the era of disposable relationships. Selfishness and convenience have replaced duty and commitment as the ties that bind. But for millions, those ties are now unraveling.
Crisis of Loneliness—Like the characters in the TV sitcom Cheers, do you long for a place “where everybody knows your name”?

Technology and Social Trends: A Biblical Point of View

Technological and societal change is all around us. What does the future hold? Trying to predict the future is difficult, but we can get a clue from the social and technological trends in our society. The chapters in this book provide a framework as Christians explore the uncharted territory in our world of technology and social change.

The Apologetics of Jesus

A Caring Approach to Dealing with Doubters by Patrick Zukeran and Norman Geisler

Apologetics books abound, but how did Jesus defend the faith? The Apologetics of Jesus presents the Savior at his convincing best. The most tentative Christian or belligerent skeptic will find meaty arguments for the godhead of Christ through his parables, prophecies, and more. This hard-hitting resource shows how Christ led the curious to commitment.

The Closing of the American Heart: What’s Really Wrong with America’s Schools

By Ronald A. Nash
Nash goes beyond the discussion begun by Allan Bloom in the best-seller, The Closing of the American Mind, praising Bloom for his insights and yet pointing to the lack of a clear prescription for the future. Being pro-choice in education, Dr. Nash argues, means returning the choices of school, curriculum, and values to parents!

The Natural Limits to Biological Change

Lane P. Lester and Raymond G. Bohlin explore the limits of change possible through Darwinism

In this evaluation of Neo-Darwinism and punctuated equilibrium, the authors argue that there are limits to the extent of possible biological change. They make a compelling case against the theory of common ancestry, and then propose design as a plausible explanation.

Understanding Islam and Terrorism

Kerby Anderson’s book provides you a insightful look at understanding Islam and the terrorism that is sometimes associated with it.