“Is Gwen Shamblin’s (Weigh Down Workshop) Remnant Fellowship a Cult?”

A young couple that I know have gotten involved in a “church” called Remnant Fellowship that was founded by Gwen Shamblin. Could you tell me if this is a cult and give me more information about it?

I’ve just had a MOST enlightening trip through some internet web pages to help me answer your question. With some heartbreak I have to agree that Remnant Fellowship is, indeed, a cult. I am a former Weigh Down Workshop person, and it wasn’t until after I stopped doing Weigh Down that I was able to figure out what bothered me about Gwen’s teachings. Unorthodoxy—and a complete misunderstanding about the nature of God. Especially about the Lord Jesus!

A man who almost joined part of the Remnant Fellowship tells his story here:

I couldn’t stop reading. Sadly, it was like watching a (theological) train wreck happen.

Another excellent article from former Remnant Fellowship members can be found here:

A young lady who left the RF after experiencing its abuses has written her testimony here:

Christian Research Institute also has an article on Gwen, Weigh Down Workshop, and her theology: Gwen Shamblin: Weighed and Found Wanting. Don & Joy Veinot, the authors of this article, have researched and written four other MCOI Journal articles on Gwen Shamblin at Midwest Christian Outreach. These articles are available on their website to be read online or printed off; the direct link to the most recent article written in 2008 is “The Pied Piper Is Shamblin” at www.midwestoutreach.org/Pdf%20Journals/2008/Spring_Summer_2008.pdf.

Hope this helps!

Sue Bohlin