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See Above. Live Beyond. PROBE MINISTRIES ABOUT PROBE For over 40 years Probe Ministries has been answering your apologetics questions , addressing current issues, building confident ambassadors for the kingdom. We welcome you to take a look around, search for a topic or get in touch with us! With over 1800 articles, answers are a few clicks away! A 49 Day Journey To Living A Transformed Life PERISCOPE LEARN MORE A Higher Perspective to Living a Biblically Based Life. We need to see above to view our world from God’s eternal perspective. Doing so will allow us to live beyond the cultural captivity which weighs down many Christians. MIND GAMES CAMP 2021 LEARN MORE Confidence. Not Arrogance.

The Scandal of Blood Atonement: “Why All the Blood and Cross-Talk, Christian?”

The story of Jesus’ death and resurrection raises accusations that Christianity is obsessed with blood. Many believers struggle with this too. Byron Barlowe explores the biblical reasons for the focus on Christ’s blood and why its shedding was necessary. The Bloody Cross: A Tough Thing to Handle Easter season is all about the death and resurrection of Christ—which centers on […]

The Answer Is the Resurrection

Steve Cable shows us that the resurrection is the key apologetic for those seeking to evangelize. As we share our faith, understanding the evidence for the resurrection helps prepare us to answer questions raised by a seeker after the truth. Making a Defense for Your Living Hope A key verse for our ministry at Probe is 1 Peter 3:15 where Peter […]

Lessons from C.S. Lewis

Two issues which vex Christians today are moral subjectivism and the origin of the world. Through a couple of his recorded lectures, C.S. Lewis provides helpful insights and answers to the challenges we face. The Poison of Subjectivism C.S. Lewis was both a serious scholar who could tangle with the great minds of his day and a popular author who […]

What Does It Mean To Live With an Eternal Perspective?

Sue Bohlin, who has been working on developing an eternal perspective for decades, provides some examples of how to do that. Years ago, after spending his whole life on the mission field, a career missionary made his final trip home on a passenger ship. One of the other people on his sailing was a celebrity, and as the ship made […]


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