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2018 Mind Games
  • Influential Intellectuals

    Influential Intellectuals

    Kerby Anderson examines four famous intellectuals—Rousseau, Marx, Russell and Sartre, looking for reasons they are worth following and not finding much. Over the last two centuries, a few intellectuals have had a profound impact on Western Culture. British historian Paul Johnson writes about many of these influential intellectuals in his …
  • Religious Beliefs and Advanced Degrees

    Religious Beliefs and Advanced Degrees

    Steve Cable examines how people with advanced degrees match up to the populations as a whole in their denominational affiliation and basic religious beliefs. Religious Beliefs and Advanced Degrees A colleague asked me, “Do you have any recent research—insights—into the religious beliefs of professors?” After some deep digging, I was …
  • I’m Scared, Lord

    I’m Scared, Lord

    My daughter-in-love recently sent me a video of my son introducing their new Golden Retriever puppy to a swimming pool in which he coaxes little Judah, “Don’t be scared! Bohlins don’t get scared!” . . . While I’ve been working on this blog post about being scared. Well yeah, sometimes …
  • Mister Rogers and the Hunger for God

    Mister Rogers and the Hunger for God

    “You’ve made this day a special day by just your being you. There is no person in the whole world like you, and I like you just the way you are.” —Mister Rogers, to every person as we watched his show. With the news that a documentary about Fred Rogers …


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