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2018 Mind Games
  • Religious Affiliation of American Emerging Adults: 1996 to 2014

    Religious Affiliation of American Emerging Adults: 1996 to 2014

    In my past few posts, I have been focusing on data from the monumental surveys taken by Pew Research in 2007{1} and 2014(2}. These surveys of about 35,000 Americans allow us to get more accurate data on American beliefs and drill down with greater confidence into specific subsets of Americans (e.g. emerging adults, Asian-Americans, …
  • Islam and Terrorism

    Islam and Terrorism

    Kerby Anderson provides various perspectives on the link between Islam and terrorism, including how Americans and Christians can think about its encroachment on our culture. Clash of Civilizations In this article we will be looking at Islam and terrorism. Before we look at the rise of Muslim terrorism in our …
  • From Fears to Tears

    From Fears to Tears

    In a previous blog post, I’m Scared, Lord, I wrote about my apprehensions concerning my upcoming hip replacement surgery. My doctor was cheerfully confident that I would not experience the post-operative pain I was afraid of, but I was all-too-aware of my potential complications. As a polio survivor, I’m twice …
  • Influential Intellectuals

    Influential Intellectuals

    Kerby Anderson examines four famous intellectuals—Rousseau, Marx, Russell and Sartre, looking for reasons they are worth following and not finding much. Over the last two centuries, a few intellectuals have had a profound impact on Western Culture. British historian Paul Johnson writes about many of these influential intellectuals in his …
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