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  • Darwinism: A Teetering House of Cards

    Darwinism: A Teetering House of Cards

    Steve Cable examines four areas of recent scientific discovery that undermine evolution. The Origin of Life: A Mystery Confidence in Darwinism erodes as new discoveries fail to produce supporting evidence. Three books released in 2017, • House of Cards by journalist Tom Bethel • Zombie Science by biologist Jonathan Wells • Undeniable by …
  • Oprah: America’s Beloved False Teacher

    Oprah: America’s Beloved False Teacher

    After her star turn at the Golden Globes Sunday night, Oprah is the media darling once again—and the hope of America? Sue Bohlin blogged about Oprah’s spirituality when her daily TV show ended. May 24, 2011 Tomorrow is the last episode of the Oprah Winfrey show on network TV. Oprah …
  • Politicized Culture

    Politicized Culture

    Kerby Anderson examines the politicized nature of American culture, offering the Bible’s antidote of a call to civility. Social Media’s Role in Politicizing Issues I think most of us lament how just about everything in our culture has become politicized. We can attribute that to the fact that we live …
  • Loving God Through Xmas Music?

    Loving God Through Xmas Music?

    From Thanksgiving to Christmas Day, the sounds of Christmas music are everywhere: stores, TV specials, many radio stations. Every year, the biggest oldies station in Dallas becomes “The Christmas Station,” this year starting in mid-November. There are two ways to respond to Christmas music, I think. One way is to …
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