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Biblical Reliability
May 26, 2024
Kerby Anderson provides classic reasons the Bible can be believed and trusted as a divine book from God.

Two Genders, Two Spectrums
May 19, 2024
Sue Bohlin suggests a biblical view of masculinity and femininity that encompasses the variety of within two genders as God creates us.

Spiritual Abuse
May 11, 2024
Kerby Anderson provides an overview of what makes churches and organizations spiritually and emotionally unhealthy and hurtful.

A Philosophical Critique of Theistic Evolution
May 4, 2024
Dr. Ray Bohlin provides an overview of some philosophical problems with theistic evolution, particularly methodological naturalism.

5 Things You Need to Know About Jesus
April 28, 2024
Tom Davis provides an overview of 5 extremely important aspects of Jesus’ life: his birth, baptism, claims to deity, death and resurrection, and ascension.

Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence
April 15, 2024
Kerby Anderson provides an overview of transhumanism and AI, considering its impact on us and our families.

Why We Shouldn’t Date Non-Christians
April 2, 2024
Kyle Skaggs examines theological and sociological reasons why it’s a bad idea for Christ-followers to date unbelievers.

Biblical Worldview: Nearly Non-existent in America in 2023
March 19, 2024
Steve Cable reviews the dismal results of surveying the worldview of American Christians.

The Eclipse Declares the Glory of God, v. 2024
Feb. 20, 2024
Sue Bohlin is very excited to be the path of the upcoming total solar eclipse, where God shows off once again.

Apologetics and Spiritual Skirmishing
Jan. 22, 2024
Kyle Skaggs urges Christians to use the spiritual armor of Ephesians 6 in engaging in apologetics.

The Historical Jesus Matters
Jan. 6, 2024
Tom Davis provides several lines of evidence that Jesus was a real, physical person of history.

Smuggling Theology into Out of the Silent Planet
Oct. 29, 2023
Dr. Michael Gleghorn provides an overview of how C.S. Lewis wove theology into his first book of his space trilogy, Out of the Silent Planet.

When You Can’t Forgive Yourself
Sept. 21, 2023
What do you do when you can’t forgive yourself? Even if God has? Sue Bohlin explores this trap and how to get out of it.

“Do Babies Go to Heaven?”
Aug. 3, 2023
Pastor Shane Pruitt offers an especially good, biblical answer to this question that we share here.

Sticks and Stones . . .
July 23, 2023
Sue Bohlin reflects on why it doesn’t bother her to be called names by people who disagree with her.

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