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The Eclipse Declares the Glory of God, v. 2024

When You Can’t Forgive Yourself

Sticks and Stones . . .


Is Comparison Always Bad?

Trusting God on the Other Side of Bizarre

Trusting God in the Bizarre

Learning to Lean Hard—AGAIN.

Vaccination Hate

The Lies You Hear About Transgender

Salt and Light Online

Why I Love to Learn I’m Wrong

Is God Still Doing Miracles?

Who Told You That You Were Naked?


Living With a Sense of Urgency

How Should We Think About Pride Month?

The Commencement Address I Actually Got to Give

What Does It Mean To Live With an Eternal Perspective?

Glorious Morning Glories

Invisible Women

The Internet Dad With Millions of Kids

Two Sides to Every Story. Especially Now.

3 Truths to Feed Our Hope in a Pandemic

Responding to COVID-19: God Already Had It Figured Out

How Can I Make God Answer My Prayers My Way?


Instead of New Year’s Resolutions

Why I Won’t Apologize For Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies

What Does Trusting God Look Like?

God Questions From Little Kids

Back Infections and Heart Infections

The Thought Police Are Here

“My Daughter Says She’s a Boy—What Do I Do?”

What Is Art, Anyway?

What Difference Does the Resurrection Make?

Princess Warrior, First Responder


How Bad is This Conversion Therapy Thing?

When Things Get Crazy on Social Media: Responding Biblically to Firestorms

Celebrating Christmas Wrongly?

Lessons From a Hospital Bed

What Do You Regret?

From Fears to Tears

I’m Scared, Lord

Mister Rogers and the Hunger for God

What It’s Like to Live With a Disability

Loving God Through Xmas Music?


What a Day of ThanksLIVING Looks Like

Did the Hurricanes Wash Away the Hate?

The Eclipse Declares the Glory of God

Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Free Indeed!

The Great Pains of Perfectionism

Remodeling a Home—and a Soul

How To Ensure Your Kid Won’t Walk Away From the Faith After Graduation

What’s Your Superpower?

The Voice in My Head

Mental Illness and the Family

Leaning Hard

Flying the W Flag

When a Church Tells a Member, “It’s Not OK to be Gay”

Dealing With Disappointment

The Horrible Choice in Dallas

Orlando’s Bizarre Coincidence?

Pain: God’s Just-Right Tool

LGBT and Political Correctness

3 Life Hacks That Will Revolutionize Your Relationships


Shame-Based Families, Grace-Based Families

Out of the Abundance of the Heart…Flows Road Rage. And Other Stuff.

Are Ghosts Real?

On Coffee: Drinking and Thinking

Christmas Shiny

Rejection is Protection

Ways to Minister to a NICU Family

I’ve Got a War Room—Now What Do I Do?

Should We Go to Our Gay Neighbors’ Wedding?

Why Have So Many Christians and Churches Become Pro-Gay?


How Should We Handle Overwhelming Feelings?

Short-term What? Long-term What? Choose Well.

What I’d Love to Say to Bruce Jenner

Giving Thanks for EVERYTHING?

What is the “Authentic Self”?

When Life Hands You Bananas . . .

How Should We Think About Texas’ First Same Sex Wedding?

Pen > ‘Puter

God and CSI, Take 2

Want It To Go Well With You?


Baylor the Lap Dog

The Euphemism of ‘Death With Dignity’

Gentle and Quiet . . . Whaaaaa???

Dumb . . . or Dangerous?

Focus on What’s Fixed

If God Is So Good, Why Does He Let Me Hurt?

Transgender Children

The Commencement Address I’ll Never Get to Give

Boy Scouts: Let’s Hear It For Masculinity

The Power of “Withness”


The Dark Underside of Female Friendships

“Welcome Home”: A Biblical Response to the Ukraine Crisis

Olympic-Sized “I Infections”

The Problem With Heart Bombs

Apart From Him, We’re a Boat Anchor

Did Phil Get It Wrong? Is Homosexuality Sin?

Reincarnation: The Christmas Counterfeit

Sit and Brine a While

A Holy Limp

Recalibrating Our Phones, Our Minds


Killer Question

The 3 As: Attention, Affection and Affirmation

Think You Can Get Away With It?

Mad at God

Honor Thy (Very Flawed) Father and Mother

Exodus is Shutting Down, But Jesus Isn’t

Headed to the Courtroom

Glimpses of Grace: Knocking Down Mental Walls

When Ex-Gays Return to a Gay Identity

Why Didn’t God Prevent the Boston Bombings?


On Suicide

Spiritual Exoskeleton

Cruise Ships, Roller Coasters and Attitudes

Self-Care: Stewardship, Not Selfishness

Happy Birthday to Jesus-in-Me!

Don’t Judge Me?

A Golf Lesson for Non-Golfers


Are You a Safe Person?

Queen James Bible


Don’t Believe Like the Demons Believe!

The Power of a Mother’s Prayers

Flush It, Don’t Eat It

Luke, I Am Not Your Father

Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

“What’s My Purpose in Life?”

Permission Givers

The Stink of Self-Pity

Just Say the Magic Words

“This Too Shall Pass”


The Keys to Emotional Healing – Part 2

The Keys to Emotional Healing – Part 1

Giving Thanks in a Hard Place

Forgive Myself?

Glee’s Pro-Gay Theology

What Does Grace Look Like?

Leaky Buckets

Watching Dr. Phil Through a Discernment Filter

The Happiest Place on Earth?

On the Death of a God-Hater

Don’t Wish Me Luck


Knowing the End of the Story

It’s Not Rubbing the Genie’s Magic Lamp

When to Break a Promise

DWTS and the T in GLBT

In the Scope of Eternity. . .

Is It Time to Change Your Filter?

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life. Like It or Not.

Helping Homosexuals Change? Yeah, Right.

What the Dallas Mavericks Show Us About Worship

On Gender and Refusing to Disclose It


Oprah: America’s Beloved False Teacher

Feelings: A Lousy Idol

Why We Love Celebrity

Funeral Myths

Praying For Japan

Prayer Notch-Bumpers

Dangerous Worldviews

Pods, Aliens, and the Incarnation

The Last Christian

The Gender Spectrum


Judge Shows: Spiritual Reality TV

Mommy Blogger Outs Her 5-Year-Old Son

Why Our Expectations of God Are Unrealistic

Unrealistic Expectations

What Not to Say: Adoption

How Change Happens

When God Shows Off

Leaving Christianity

Blowing Past Greatness

Spiritual Family Gatherings


God on Trial

A New Look at Twilight, Different Conclusion

Ash Plumes and the Sovereignty of God

Car Wrecks and God’s Care

When God Does Nothing About Injustice

Are You a Pickle?

Turn to Jesus, Tiger

Try Jesus???

Ellen and Her “Wife”

Why I Am “The Lady in the Hat”


The Blank Pages in Our Bibles

Zap the Lies, Hug the Truth – Part 2

Zap the Lies, Hug the Truth – Part 1

The 3rd Grade Transgender Bus Driver

35 Years and Counting

Watching Transformation Happen

Your Board of Directors

Swords of Blessing

What Would You Say to Your 8-Year-Old Self?

A Media Filter for the Glory of God


The Mother Heart of God

Why Kids Leave the Church After High School

What I Wish I’d Heard Growing Up

The Appeal of Twilight

Poopy Messes

Challenging Oprah

Vain Imaginations

What Not to Say when Someone is Grieving

Photoshopping Life

Black Friday and Dark Hearts


Turning Thanksgiving Inside Out

“Recalculating Route”

God and CSI:

The Hum of a Ceiling Fan

When We Forget What is True

Aprons and Glamour

Supernatural Parenting

The Wonderful Rise of Masculinity

The Clash of Two Worldviews

Mothering Little Men From Mars

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“My Daughter Says She’s a Boy—What Do I Do?”

Raising Gender Healthy Kids

The Gender Spectrum

Queen James Bible

What I’d Love to Say to Bruce Jenner

Why Have So Many Christians and Churches Become Pro-Gay?

How Can I Make God Answer My Prayers My Way?

LGBT and Political Correctness

Oprah: America’s Beloved False Teacher

The 3 As: Attention, Affection and Affirmation

Responding to COVID-19: God Already Had It Figured Out

Why I Won’t Apologize for Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies

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