If you read the news, follow the blogs, or just check your Facebook page, you will find discussions about the religious make up of our country and what millennials believe and do. While some of these may be accurate, others are based simply on personal experience. To understand the trends that are shaping Christianity and American culture today, we need to evaluate statistically significant survey data to see what is actually going on.

Now understand, we need to look at more than survey data, because the questions one answers in a survey are typically not extensive enough to expose the complexities of religious and cultural beliefs. But any valid theory on what is happening should be consistent with what we can learn from analyzing survey data. To that end, this blog is devoted to sharing information extracted from recent surveys on topics related to Christian doctrine and cultural beliefs. Hopefully, this “dry” statistical information will give you a better capability to assess where thought and actions are trending and what a proactive Christian response should be.

ARTICLE 1: Introducing Probe’s Survey: Religious Views and Practices 2020 [June 30, 2021]

ARTICLE 2: Probe Religious Views Study 2020 – Do Christians Believe in Christ as the Only Savior of the World? [August 2, 2021]

ARTICLE 3: Probe Religious Views Study 2020 – Religious Practices, Tolerance and Purpose for Living [September 16, 2021]

ARTICLE 4: Probe 2020 Survey – Witnessing to Your Faith and the Response [October 16, 2021]

ARTICLE 5: Probe 2020 Survey – Sexual Attitudes and Science Vs. Religion [November 23, 2021]

ARTICLE 6: Probe 2020 Survey – Nothing in Particulars and Biblical Views [February 3, 2022]

ARTICLE 7: Probe 2020 Survey – American Views on Morals, Politics and Social Justice in 2022 [October 21, 2022]

UNDERSTANDING A POST-CHRISTIAN AMERICA in 2020 By Steve Cable [February 27, 2023] • Some telling results from Probe’s 2020 survey of Americans ages 18 to 50

PODCAST 1: Probe 2020 Survey – A Significant Slide in the Beliefs of Born Again Protestants Over the Last Decade [August 19, 2021]


Biblical Worldview : Parents and Pastors Are Not Passing It On [March 2024]

Pew Research on Religious Beliefs of American Christians [Nov. 13, 2018]

Measuring Pluralism: A Difficult Task [Sept. 6, 2018]

Religious Affiliation of American Emerging Adults: 1996 to 2014 [July 25, 2018]

Religious Beliefs and Advanced Degrees [June 21, 2018]

Changing Religious Affiliations From Childhood to Young Adulthood [April 21, 2018]

Nones: Are Not Mostly Christians Who Are Unaffiliated [Jan. 17, 2018]

Update on Nones: Continuing to Dominate the Developing American Religious Scene [Dec. 17. 2017]

Western Europe: Religious Practice [Sept. 15, 2017]

Western European Religious Makeup [August 2, 2017]

United States and Mexico: Cultural and Ethical Belief [July 23, 2017]

United States and Mexico: Religious Practice [July 3, 2017]

Even America’s Largest Denomination is Bleeding Members: Is It Too Late? by Byron Barlowe  [June 23, 2017]

U.S. and Mexico: Biblical Worldview Lite or God-focused Worldview [Mar. 25, 2017]

World Values Survey: U.S. and Mexico Religious Makeup [Mar. 16, 2017]

Muslim Beliefs on Sexuality [Oct. 23, 2016]

Basic Religious Beliefs of Worldwide Muslims – Part 2 [Aug. 27, 2016]

Comparing Religious Practices of Worldwide Muslims and American Christians [July 28, 2016]

Basic Religious Practices of Worldwide Muslims [July 19, 2016]

Basic Religious Beliefs of Worldwide Muslims [July 3, 2016]

Biblical Worldview Beliefs from PALS Survey of 2012: No Rebound Seen [May 1, 2016]

Biblical Worldview Beliefs as Seen in the Faith Matters Survey of 2011 [Apr. 24, 2016]

An Update on Pluralism in America [Apr. 3, 2016]

Changing Hispanic Demographics and Religious Affiliation [Mar. 27, 2016]

Hispanic Religious Affiliation in 2014 [Mar. 20, 2016]

“Nones” are Not Christians Who Choose Not to Identify with a Specific Tradition [Feb. 21, 2016]

Born-again Protestants Make Up Only 20% of Our Emerging Adult Population and That Number is Trending Down [Feb. 14, 2016]

Trend Indicates Over Half of Emerging Adults Will Identify as Non-Christian by 2020 [Jan. 31, 2016]

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