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See Above. Live Beyond. PROBE MINISTRIES ABOUT PROBE For over 40 years Probe Ministries has been answering your apologetics questions , addressing current issues, building confident ambassadors for the kingdom. We welcome you to take a look around, search for a topic or get in touch with us! With over 1800 articles, answers are a few clicks away! A 49 Day Journey To Living A Transformed Life PERISCOPE LEARN MORE A Higher Perspective to Living a Biblically Based Life. We need to see above to view our world from God’s eternal perspective. Doing so will allow us to live beyond the cultural captivity which weighs down many Christians. MIND GAMES CAMP 2021 LEARN MORE Confidence. Not Arrogance.

Ex-Christians: Ways to Bring Back the Leavers

Steve Cable provides an overview of why young people leave the church based on Drew Dyck’s book Generation Ex-Christian: Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Faith . . . And How to Bring Them Back. Over the last several years, Probe has been reporting on a changing young adult society that is marginalizing the church at an increasing rate. When […]

Science and Human Origins

Dr. Ray Bohlin explains how the Discovery Institute’s book “Science and Human Origins” reveals why evolutionary theory cannot account for human origins. Just What Needs to be Accomplished From Ape-like Ancestor to Humans? In 2012 the Discovery Institute published an edited volume discussing the possibilities of human evolution from an ape-like ancestor by Darwinian evolution mechanisms. In this article I […]

The All-Powerful God

Dr. Michael Gleghorn examines the important doctrine of the omnipotence of God, and what it means for God to be all-powerful. Introducing Omnipotence When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she would give birth to Israel’s promised Messiah, she was stunned. After all, she was a virgin. How could she possibly give birth to a son? […]

In His H.A.N.D.S.: How We Can Know That Jesus is God

Don Closson explains the five lines of evidence that Jesus is God from the book Putting Jesus in His Place. Jesus Shares the Honor Given to God Defending the deity of Christ can be a source of anxiety for some believers. Perhaps it is because our defense often consists only of a couple of proof texts which are quickly challenged […]


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