Probe 2020 Survey Report #3: Religious Practices and Purpose for Living

Steve Cable explores Probe’s 2020 survey, examining the participants’ religious practices, sense of purpose for living, and views on tolerance vs. acceptance. In our first two reports, we looked primarily at religious affiliations and core religious beliefs. In this report, we examine the level of religious activity of different religious groups and how they relate to people with different religious […]

Dr. Ray Bohlin Presents “The Return of the God Hypothesis”

Join us in person or online September 23 as Discovery Institute fellow Dr. Ray Bohlin presents fascinating evidence for Intelligent Design from Dr. Stephen Meyer’s book The Return of the God Hypothesis. The event is at 7:00 p.m. Central time. Facebook Live: YouTube:  

Living With an Eternal Perspective

Sue Bohlin considers several ways to develop a way of seeing our earthly life as part of the much bigger picture that extends into eternity. What Does It Mean To Live With an Eternal Perspective? Years ago, after spending his whole life on the mission field, a career missionary made his final trip home on a passenger ship. One of […]

The Causes of War

Meic Pearse’s book The Gods of War gives great insight into the charge that religion is the cause of most war. History shows this is not true: the cause of most war is the sinful human heart, even when religion is invoked as a reason. The Accusation Sam Harris, the popular author and atheist, says that “for everyone with eyes […]

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