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Head & Heart Podcast

Head & Heart by Probe Ministries is a conversation between Probe Staff and guests related to Christian apologetics, worldview, and faith for a 21st century Christian. It provides a helpful perspective aimed at transformation of the heart.

We are delighted to share this wonderful new podcast with you.

Paul Rutherford hosts this exciting new resource aimed at connecting the head and the heart. We don’t just offer information—we want to provide the “so what” to impact your relationship with God through Jesus.

New episodes will be released periodically, at least once a month. You can subscribe on Apple, Google, Amazon Music, and Stitcher.

Here’s the podcast address: www.ministeriosprobe.org/head-heart-podcast.xml

Episode Date Subject MP3
13 June 4, 2021 Climate Change 2 — Carbon Dioxide & Severe Weather
Dr. Ray Bohlin reveals scientific data about the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere and global temperatures, then explores the correlation between the two. You may find a new way of thinking about this issue or data that challenges your perspective.
12 May 9, 2021 Why Are You a Christian?
Dr. Ray Bohlin shares why he’s a Christian, invites you to answer the question for yourself, and equips you to construct a ready and reasoned defense for your faith.
11 Feb. 27, 2021 The Jewish Roots of Easter
Tom Davis shares Old Testament connections to historical events and festivals celebrated by Jews ancient and contemporary, showing that Easter—a decidedly Christian holiday—has deep roots in ancient Judaism.
10 Feb. 8, 2021 State of the American Church
Steve Cable sets the record straight on what exactly is going on with the Church today. He cites statistical data from multiple surveys. Get informed on what’s going on with the Church today!
9 Jan. 6, 2021 Loneliness and Depression
Dr. Ray Bohlin shares his own personal struggle with loneliness and depression and how he finds hope in the Word of God.
8 Nov. 18, 2020 Can You Trust Your Bible?
Paul and colleague Byron Barlowe answer definitively that you can trust your Bible, and discuss why. You can trust that the book has been faithfully preserved and the recorded sayings of Jesus are reliably what He actually said.
7 Oct. 27, 2020 Bedrock: The Unalterable Facts of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
Paul and colleague Tom Davis discuss Dr. Justin Bass’s new book “The Bedrock of Christianity: The Unalterable Facts of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection.” It has an inspiring message that can not only help you in your faith, but also help you share your faith.
6 Sept. 21, 2020 Climate Change – Introduction
Dr. Ray Bohlin discusses issues pertinent to climate change today, including how it’s communicated, whether or not humans cause it, and ocean levels. And polar bears.
5 July 14, 2020 Tactics for Any Ambassador for Christ
Kerby Anderson discusses terrific insights from Greg Koukl’s book Tactics recently released in its 10th Anniversary edition.
4 July 14, 2020 Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian Sources – Part 2
Dr. Michael Gleghorn continues his discussion with Paul about non-biblical historical sources for Jesus’ life and ministry.
3 July 14, 2020 Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian Sources – Part 1
Dr. Michael Gleghorn discusses with Paul non-biblical historical sources for Jesus’ life and ministry.
2 July 14, 2020 The Gender Spectra
Sue Bohlin shares a slightly different perspective on what we typically think of male and female and how those relate to each other.
1 July 14, 2020 The Value of Archaeology, New Findings, and Contributions from New Technology
Kerby Anderson discusses why archaeology matters for faith today, how recent finds support the existence of the Hittites, King David, and Pontius Pilate, in addition to some of the new technologies allowing even more discoveries.