“I’m a Teenage Satanist and I’m Not Evil!”

I do not wish to sound rude but, I could not help but tell you my views on an article I recently read. The article pertaining to Satanists quite angered me. In it you state that most of Satanists are teenagers, and yes all I know are teens but, you relate that we all have low self-worth, are unable to distinguish between right and wrong, have problems at home or with our peers, use drugs, and are sexually promiscuous.

I find it wrong to stereotype people in any way! I have a very high self-worth, and I love who I am! I’m happy with my lifestyle, I have tons of friends and my family loves me! I’m not abused in anyway and even preps talk to me in the hallways (without vulgar language and angry comments). I don’t practice sex people! I’m a virgin and proud of it!!! My parents are Catholic and yet they accept me for me and understand my personality and beliefs. I hate to say this but I believe it is the religions of today that are wrong. Christians are, most of all. They take things they don’t understand or that aren’t from their religion and automatically link them to Satan.

It is these fanatics whom are making me seem evil! I’m not!!! I also am greatly revolted by the way it referred to metal bands!!! In society today, I believe that rap has more of an effect on people! These rappers are getting killed in gang related events, getting time in jail and promoting sex, drugs and naked women in their videos and no one says anything! But, Slipknot puts out a CD with a goat’s head on it and suddenly they get labeled as Satanists!!! I feel that my music is fine the way it is; evil, maybe; but it reflects me.

Furthermore, in the article it states that Satanism is “the worship of satan,” another misconception! We do not all worship Satan as an entity. It is merely of oneself and most often does not involve Satan. Please! We only want to be left alone to our beliefs. I mean, isn’t it required in the constitution of the United States?

Hello ______,

Thank you for writing about our Satanism article.

It’s unfortunate that you got so angry at the general principles the author outlined without reading the exact words he used. When someone uses the word “generally,” he is allowing for exceptions to what he is saying. And to describe characteristics of a group of people isn’t stereotyping if the characteristics are valid. I’m delighted to hear that your family loves you, you appreciate yourself, and that you are a virgin and you’re proud of it. Good for you, ______! (I wish you could hear my voice. . . I am not being in the least bit sarcastic—I truly mean it. What a delight to hear these things about and from a teenager.)

You may want to be left alone, and nobody at Probe Ministries is trying to force you to change. We are simply making information about Satanism available to those seeking it. Which is how you found us, right? You sought out this article, we didn’t force it on you.

When you are older and you discover that you are either bored by self-worship, or you discover there really is a personal spirit who hates you and cackles at his control of you, I want to suggest that true power, true love, and true wisdom come from knowing Jesus Christ personally and trusting in Him. He’s stronger than Satan and He loves you instead of hating you. Just a thought for you to tuck away for when you need something more than what you have right now.

Sue Bohlin
Probe Ministries