“Is It Wrong for a Christian to Copy CDs?”

Is it wrong for a Christian to copy or burn CDs? I have heard conflicting views on the subject and I was hoping to get some help here.

If you’re copying a CD so that another person doesn’t have to buy it, then you are taking money from the artist/software writer that rightfully belongs to him or her. It’s stealing. If you’re burning a copy of something you bought for your own backup purposes, then you haven’t hurt anyone because you paid for it.

The issue is, If I didn’t have a CD burner, would I have to buy the CD to get what I want? If the answer is yes, and you’re using the equipment to avoid paying for it, then it’s wrong.

Dr. J. Budziszewski has a wonderful column in Boundless e-zine on this: http://www.boundless.org/2005/articles/a0000783.cfm

Sue Bohlin
Probe Ministries