Dr. Ray Bohlin’s SWBTS Class Readings


College at Southwestern, NAS 4203, Introductory Natural

Class Schedule and Links to Readings

Dr. Ray Bohlin

Day 1 August 31, 2015 Introduction/Faith and Science/
ID in Astronomy
The Privileged Planet
Labor Day Holiday September 7, 2015
Day 2 September 14, 2015 Redeeming Darwin/I.D. and Biology CEMS Ch. 9RD Reference Guide, pp. 4, 5, 9,10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 24, 25

DNA, Information, and Signature in the Cell

Day 3 September 21, 2015 Darwin’s Dilemma/
Cambrian Explosion
CEMS, Ch. 1, 3, and 4
Fall Break September 28, 2015
Day 4 October 5, 2015 Genetics/DNA/
Genetic Engineering
1. Redesigning Humans: Is It Inevitable?
2. Human Genome Project
3. Human Genetic Engineering
Day 5 October 12, 2015 Exam 1
Stem Cell Debate
1. Arguments Against Abortion
2. The Continuing Controversy over Stem Cells

3. Stem Cell Commentary: Spinning the Terms
4. Response to the News of the First Human Clone

5. Can Humans Be Cloned Like Sheep?
6. I’m a Girl Because That’s What Mommy Wanted
Day 6 October 19, 2015 Christian View of the Environment/
Global Warming
1. Christian Environmentalism
2. The Complex Realities Behind Global Warming
Day 7 October 26, 2015 Homosexuality/
Same Sex Marriage
1. Can Homosexuals Change?
2. Helping Teens Understand Homosexuality
Day 8 November 2, 2015 Christian Views of Science and Earth History/
Flood Geology
1. Christian Views of Science and Earth History
2. The Grand Canyon and the Age of the Earth
Day 9 November 9, 2015 Exam 2/Eugenics 1. Euthanasia: A Christian Perspective
2. A Darwinian View of Life
3. Euthanasia: The Battle for Life
Day 10 November 16, 2015 Darwin’s Racists DR
Thanksgiving Break November 23
Day 11 November 30 Sociobiology Sociobiology: Genes, Evolution and Morality
Day 12 December 7 Biology of Human Uniqueness The Biology of Human Uniqueness
December 11-16 Finals Week
CEMSCreation, Evolution, and Modern Science, Ray Bohlin, Ed., Kregel
Press/Grand Rapids, MI, 2000

Racists: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
, Sharon Sebastian and Raymond G.
Bohlin, Ph.D., VirtualBookWorm Publishing/ College Station, TX, 2009 (www.virtualbookworm.com)

RD Redeeming
Darwin: The Intelligent Design Controversy
, Probe Ministries/Plano, TX,
2007 (www.redeemingdarwin.com)


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