Sue Bohlin Testimony – Easter 2023, CityBridge Community Church

Sue Bohlin on “If God is Good, Why Does He Let Me Hurt?”

The problem of why God allows pain and evil has been the biggest obstacle to faith for thousands of years. Sue Bohlin, living with a lifelong disability, provides both philosophical and practical answers to this question.

Dr. Ray Bohlin on “Climate Change and the Green New Deal”

A lifelong conservationist with a deep commitment to a biblical perspective on environmentalism, Dr. Ray Bohlin has been closely following the Climate Change issue for over 20 years. In this public lecture he presented lots of charts and graphs showing there’s no reason to be worried about a climate catastrophe.

Kerby Anderson on Woke Theology

President of Probe, Kerby Anderson addresses important questions:

• Is the social justice movement hijacking the gospel?
• What is all the fuss over Critical Race Theory? Where did that come from?
• What about White Fragility? What is that exactly?

Dr. Ray Bohlin on The Natural Limits to Biological Change

Dr. Ray Bohlin presented an update from his book The Natural Limits to Biological Change at the Discovery Institute’s “Dallas Conference on Science and Faith.” (January 22, 2022)

Dr. Ray Bohlin Presents Return of the God Hypothesis

Dr. Ray Bohlin, Vice-President of Vision Outreach and fellow at Seattle’s Discovery Institute, unpacks Dr. Stephen Meyer’s book Return of the God Hypothesis. He addresses the beginning of the universe, the fine tuning of the universe, and the intricate world of molecular biology. (September 23, 2021)

Thinking Clearly About Gender Confusion

God’s good gift of gender—male and female—has never been more broken or confused. Sue Bohlin brings the clarity of biblical worldview thinking to this issue with grace and truth. (November 18, 2021)

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