Responses to 'The Secret'

Recommended Responses to The Secret and Its “Law of Attraction”

The False Teaching of The Secret
Kerby Anderson
The message of The Secret and The Law of Attraction is wildly popular. But it’s also seductive, wrong, and spiritually dangerous.

The Secret: Creating One’s Reality
Russ Wise
Former Probe Research Associate and Speaker Russ Wise provides an in-depth analysis of The Secrets “Law of Attraction”: recycled Eastern/New Age philosophy in materialistic garb that appeals to our self-indulgent desires. Russ examines the teachings of Rhonda Byrne and her stable of Master Teachers to show how they contradict God’s word—and reality.

First Person: The Secret
Don Whitney
Dr. Whitney, professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, provides a fresh and biblical response to the heretical teachings of the runaway best-seller.

The Secret Exposed: Why Oprah and millions of readers can be wrong.
Mel Lawrenz
This commentary from Christianity Today offers piercing perspective on the self-indulgent, anti-biblical teachings of The Secret.

The Secret

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