2021 Radio Podcasts


Probe Radio Podcasts

2021 Program Title Author MP3
Apr. 5-9 The Scandal of Blood Atonement: “Why All the Blood and Cross-Talk, Christian?” Byron Barlowe Download
Mar. 29-Apr. 2 The Answer is the Resurrection Steve Cable, read by Kerby Anderson Download
Mar. 22-26 Lessons from C.S. Lewis Rick Wade Download
Mar. 15-19 The Biology of Human Uniqueness Dr. Ray Bohlin Download
Mar. 8-12 A Christian Worldview Appraisal of Gun Control and the Second Amendment Steve Cable, read by Kerby Anderson Download
Mar. 1-5 Mind Games Camp Sue Bohlin Download
Feb. 22-26 Ex-Christians: Ways to Bring Back the Leavers Steve Cable, read by Kerby Anderson Download
Feb. 15-19 Science and Human Origins Dr. Ray Bohlin Download
Feb. 8-12 The All-Powerful God Dr. Michael Gleghorn Download
Feb. 1-5 In His H.A.N.D.S.—How We Can Know That Jesus Is God Don Closson Download
Jan. 25-26 The Old Testament and Other Ancient Religious Literature Rick Wade Download
Jan. 18-22 Darwinism: A Teetering House of Cards Steve Cable, read by Kerby Anderson Download
Jan. 11-15 The Value of Christian Doctrine and Apologetics Dr. Michael Gleghorn Download
Jan. 4-8 The Value of Suffering Sue Bohlin Download
Dec. 28, 2020—Jan. 1, 2021 Prophecies of the Messiah Dr. Michael Gleghorn Download


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