image_pdfimage_print The creator of the Mind Games conference, the late Jerry Solomon, was featured on a week-long series of broadcasts on Family Life Today in 2001. Jerry brought with him into the studio two students, one who had attended Mind Games, and one who did not. He role-plays a hostile professor antagonistic toward Christianity, and you can hear the effects of Mind Games training on both students.

Listen to these broadcasts and you’ll understand why it’s so important to equip students for the challenges to their faith they will face in a world increasingly hostile to Christianity. . . and why you’ll want to send someone you love to Mind Games.

We used to sell a package of cassette tapes along with Jerry’s pamphlet called “Sheep Among Wolves,” but we are now pleased to make this available to you as a free download. The audio files are in three parts, and the pamphlet is an article on our website.

Audio file: Part 1 of 3
Audio file: Part 2 of 3
Audio file: Part 3 of 3

Sheep Among Wolves article


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