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Camp Copass

Camp CopassProbe’s Mind Games conferences have been preparing young people for the challenges to their faith for over 15 years. In that time we have had the pleasure of witnessing first hand the incredible thirst for a reliable trustworthy faith on the part of so many young people today. Again and again we hear that some had despaired of ever finding something like Mind Games. The conference consistently exceeds expectations and we frequently hear that they wished they had brought others.

Nowhere has this been truer than at our summer weeklong Mind Games conferences. As opposed to our usual weekend conference, which gives little time for personal interaction, students have time to study, worship, play, eat, and generally just hang out with Probe staff and other students also looking for a “Mere Christianity.” For many, it’s their first opportunity to spend real time with students from all over the country.

Alumni from these summer conferences have gone on to become leaders on their campuses, in the military, in government, in the church, and beyond. This weeklong immersion truly changes lives, giving them a new confidence in their God, His Word, and in their role as His ambassadors. This is an investment in a high school junior, senior or college student that will pay dividends for a lifetime.

“Sheep Among Wolves”

A week of 30-minute broadcasts on Family Life Today featuring the creator of Probe’s Mind Games Conference, the late Jerry Solomon. Jerry interacts with two students, one who attended Mind Games, and one who did not, as he role-plays a hostile professor antagonistic toward Christianity. Listen to these broadcasts, read Jerry’s article, and you’ll understand why it’s so important to send someone you love to Mind Games.

Sheep Among Wolves MP3s and Article