• Body and Soul in the Old Testament

    Body and Soul in the Old Testament

    Dr. Michael Gleghorn addresses how the Old Testament treats body and soul. What does it have to say about the nature and destiny of humanity? The Breath of Life The worldview of Naturalism tells us that the natural world is all that exists. There is nothing “above” or “beyond” this. …
  • ‘Return of the God Hypothesis’ for Regular People

    ‘Return of the God Hypothesis’ for Regular People

    Dr. Ray Bohlin provides an overview of Stephen Meyer’s book Return of the God Hypothesis, looking at how recent scientific discoveries provide evidence for an intelligent creator. Was There a God Hypothesis Prior to Scientific Materialism of Today? In this article I give an overview of Stephen Meyer’s Return of …
  • Blessings and Judgment

    Blessings and Judgment

    The Bible offers principles concerning blessing and judgment concerning the nation of Israel. Do any of them apply to the United States? Kerby Anderson examines this question. Is God blessing America? Will God bring judgment against America? These are questions I often hear, and yet rarely do we hear good …
  • Prophecies of the Messiah

    Prophecies of the Messiah

    Dr. Michael Gleghorn argues that the Bible contains genuine prophecies about a coming Messiah that were accurately fulfilled in the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus. The Place of His Birth Biblical prophecy is a fascinating subject. It not only includes predictions of events that are still in the …

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