• Confessions of a Missionary Addicted to Porn

    Confessions of a Missionary Addicted to Porn

    Paul Rutherford explains the lies he believed and to which he was in bondage about pornography, until Jesus helped him achieve sexual sobriety. Introduction—But Really, a Prologue. A Really Important Prologue. Internet pornography use is ubiquitous. The metric you use to support that statement doesn’t seem to matter: percent of …
  • Woke Theology

    Woke Theology

    We frequently hear the term “woke” in current discussions. Campuses, corporations, and even some churches are described as being woke. What does the term mean? How are these ideas influencing society? Is there any connection to ESG mandates and stakeholder capitalism? And how should Christians respond to the influence of …
  • The Value of Suffering: A Christian Perspective

    The Value of Suffering: A Christian Perspective

    Sue Bohlin looks at suffering from a Christian perspective.  Applying a biblical worldview to this difficult subject results in a distinctly different approach to suffering than our natural inclination of blame and self pity.  This article is also available in Spanish. There is no such thing as pointless pain in …
  • Nuclear War

    Nuclear War

    Kerby Anderson provides an overview of nuclear war from Annie Jacobsen’s book Nuclear War: A Scenario with a biblical response. Hell on Earth Annie Jacobsen begins her book with a scenario:{1} a one-megaton thermonuclear bomb strikes the Pentagon and vaporizes the building and the 27,000 employees within it. A mile away …

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