• Truth You Can Sing About: 5 Christmas Carols

    Truth You Can Sing About: 5 Christmas Carols

    When was the last time you thought about the great truth found in Christmas hymns and carols? Probe Radio producer Steven Davis focuses on the theology of five Christmas carols. The podcast features new music for each carol written by Steven’s son and Probe’s Mind Games Camp alumnus Jon Clive Davis. …
  • Probe Live: Truth Decay

    Probe Live: Truth Decay

    Join us for the next Probe Live event Thursday, December 1, 2022 7:00 p.m. The Hope Center, Plano TX We encounter postmodern thinking when we share the gospel and then hear, “That’s your truth, but it’s not my truth.” Moral relativism surfaces when someone says, “That may be your morality, …
  • 3 Points About Christmas: Evidence for Biblical Truth

    3 Points About Christmas: Evidence for Biblical Truth

    Paul Rutherford suggests using three fulfilled biblical prophecies as an apologetic for biblical truth: Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, Jesus being taken to Egypt, and genocide surrounding His birth. Pine scent inside my home, the quick defensive tightening of my skin as I walk outside into the cold brisk air, and …
  • Thanksgiving Quiz

    Thanksgiving Quiz

    Kerby Anderson offers a quiz concerning the origins of American Thanksgiving. This nation was founded by Christians, and Thanksgiving is a time when we can reflect upon this rich, Christian heritage. But many of us are often ignorant of our country’s origins, so we have put together a Thanksgiving quiz …

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