Signs of Warning, Signs of Hope: Kerby Anderson


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Were you born between 1946 and 1964?
If so, chances are excellent that you—like your 76 millions baby boom brothers and sisters—are on a collision course with seven coming crises.
Crisis of Purpose—Physical breakdowns, loss of parents, and the surrender of youthful dreams, signal your appointment with the gut-wrenching question, “Is this all there is?”
Crisis of Disillusionment—Every American generation has retired wealthier than their parents. Yours won’t. Are you ready to cope?
Crisis of Priorities—Beer ads convinced us that “you can have it all,” but now our generation has too many choices and too little time. Which priorities will you choose?
Crisis of Relationships—We are in the era of disposable relationships. Selfishness and convenience have replaced duty and commitment as the ties that bind. But for millions, those ties are now unraveling.
Crisis of Loneliness—Like the characters in the TV sitcom Cheers, do you long for a place “where everybody knows your name”?

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