90-foot Adam

My question may sound funny at first. So I was witnessing to a Muslim that I know and we got into a discussion on the book of Genesis, more specifically on Adam and the garden of Eden. So the Muslim man I was discussing with claims that Adam was 90 feet tall in the Koran!? He said that this is a known historical fact of science. This seems just crazy talk, so my question may seem crazy but is there any historical/scientific proof for such a claim? Sounds more like a fairy tale and scientifically impossible. Just wanted to know your thoughts.

Good for you for witnessing to our Muslim friend! No, it’s NOT a known historical fact of science. Just ask him for the evidence of this claim. (And remember that the Koran is a man-made book with no divine inspiration. We shouldn’t be surprised that it would have statements like this in it.)

Here’s a page that references the claim: answering-christianity.com/adam_90_feet_tall.htm And here’s a page that responds to the claims: www.answering-islam.org/Responses/Osama/90feet-adam.htm Hope you find this helpful.

Sue Bohlin

Posted January 26, 2017
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  1. Reed 7 years ago

    I have not looked into the links provided above but a gentleman by the name of Kent Hovend related the relative size of the prehistoric people/creatures to the science which indicates life grows larger when their is more oxygen in the Earth. The reference of the waters being found in both the heavens and in the earth in Genesis allegedly created a super rich oxygen environment.

  2. Dr. Ray Bohlin 7 years ago

    It sounds from what you reported from Kent Hovind that he may still hold to the “canopy theory” that interprets the “waters above” mentioned on day two in Genesis 1 as a water vapor canopy surrounding the earth. If true, this could have the effect of creating a slightly higher atmospheric pressure that, while not increasing the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere, would make for more oxygen entering our bodies because of the higher pressure. Some have suggested this could lead to “gigantism” but not a 90-foot-tall Adam.

    The canopy theory has also been rejected by most young earth creationists since the physics of holding it in place apart from Miracle has been quite elusive.


    Ray Bohlin, Ph.D.
    Vice-President of Vision Outreach
    Probe Ministries
    Fellow – Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture

  3. Rob Foster 5 years ago

    ”the Koran is a man-made book with no divine inspiration.” Hmm, is this because you are a christian ? what make your religion so legit than Islam ? you’re gonna tell me you have a video of Jesus or something ? here’s a fact, your book ”the bible” was corrupted and guess what the ”son of God” part does not make any sense since God is not human being to adopt a son, he’s Almighty God… The creator of everything including humans, demons, angles etc .Your religion is full of BS. when you have something documented in video from c. 4 BC ( which is impossible of course) then let me know Otherwise everything you have said pure blabla, Not a fact .

    • Author
      Sue Bohlin 5 years ago

      Rant noted. I would point out that our website is rich with resources that address your charges, but I sense you’re not interested in a different perspective than the one you hold. Just want you to know I read your comment. Remember us if you find yourself looking for truth and hope.

  4. Rob 5 years ago

    Rant? No … I stated Facts, The Holy Quran speaks the truth and your website cannot prove anything you say, I Usually ignore the bs i see on the internet like this one but when you said ”the man made book ” I wanted to respond to that BS then .There’s nothing you can prove generally with any religion.. it’s belief… You believe what want and it does not mean what you believe is true , you think you have a book ? I have a book as well…..Hope ? That’s another bs besides your ”truth”… I am not hopeless,I am simply disgusted by your idiocy . Think of me when you stand before an idol and pray to non-moving object something that cannot help itself .

    • Author
      Sue Bohlin 5 years ago

      I would be curious to see your evidence for the supposed corruption of the Bible and for the evidence that that Qur’an has not been corrupted or even changed over time.

      I also understand that the Islamic understanding of Allah is quite different from one God who has eternally existed as three divine Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Those are very different perspectives of God. And I can appreciate that many things about God don’t makes sense to us as finite, limited human beings. That’s okay with me–if I can make sense of everything about God, what kind of transcendent being would He be?

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